Family Bible Publication Project
Do you have a family Bible that has been in the family for several generations?  Family Bibles are an important genealogical resource. These heirlooms often contain genealogical information that is not easily found elsewhere. Would you consider sharing this information with us?
GANS is planning to publish the genealogical information recorded in family Bibles so that this information is available to others. We will use the family Bibles from our past publications, but, hopefully, there are others out there we have not heard about.  We have gathered enough information for our planned publication.  It has been delayed due to unforeseen circumstances, but we hope we will be back on track in 2017.
If you have a family Bible with genealogical information recorded in it, we would still love to hear from you. To share the information from the family Bible with us, you can either transcribe the genealogical information or photograph those pages and email the information to 
Please include the following information with the transcription or photographs:
  1. Name of people or family who owned the Bible as well as the name of the current owner. 
  2. The place in Nova Scotia where the family lived.
  3. The publication information from the title page of the Bible (where and when the Bible was published and the name of the edition of the Bible).
  4. Permission for GANS to publish the genealogical information from the family Bible in its publications and/or on its website.