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Vol 27(1) Spring 2009 - Current Issue
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Vol. 17(1) Spring 1999 Emma M. Stirling and Hillfoot Farm FREE
Vol. 17(3) Fall 1999 Hants County Petitions FREE
Vol. 20(3) Fall 2002 Early Pictou County Marriages FREE
Baptisms, Births, Deaths and Marriages (Vital Statistics):
Deaths - 1880, Death Transcriptions, Halifax Morning Herald, Nova Scotia
Deaths - 1918-1919, Influenze Pandemic, Nova Scotia
Deaths - Obits and Death Notices, Nova Scotia
Marriages - 1779-1833, Irish Married at Liverpool, Queens County, Nova Scotia
Marriages - 1850-1853, Marriages in Massachusetts that stated Nova Scotia
Vital Statistics - 1775-1821, Township Book, Chester, Lunenburg County, Nova Scotia
Vital Statistics - Township Book, Liverpool, Queens County, Nova Scotia
Vital Statistics - Township Records, St. Mary's River, Guysborough County, Nova Scotia
Vital Statistics - January, 1859, Halifax Newspapers, Nova Scotia
Census - 1838, Nova Scotia Census - Karen MacKay
Cemeteries, Churches and Funeral Homes:
Cemeteries - 1810-2010, Advocate Cemetery, Cumberland County, Nova Scotia
Cemeteries - Cemetery Records, Nova Scotia 
Cemeteries - Cemetery Websites, Nova Scotia
Churches - Pastor's Congregational Records for Strathlorne Presbyterian Church (St. John's) 1894-1906 by Donald McDonald Pastor, Inverness Co, Nova Scotia  transcribed by Eugene J. Quigley, 2015
Churches - Ministers of Religion Conducting Marriages in Nova Scotia Before 1900
Estates and Wills:
Government and Military:
Government - 1814, Commissioners of the Streets and Highways for the Town of Halifax, 1814, Nova Scotia
Government - 1814, Sheriffs Throughout the Province, Nova Scotia
Government - 28 July 1834, Letters Remaining in Post Office, Anslow Family Papers, Hants and K. County Gazette, Nova Scotia
Military - 9 July 1803 - 24 July 1816, Soldiers of the Nova Scotia Regiments of Fencible Infantry 
Military - 1814, Militia of Nova Scotia
Military - 1867-1914, The Annapolis Regiments of Nova Scotia
Hospitals - 30 March 1861, List of Paupers in the Halifax Asylum for the Poor, Nova Scotia
Hospitals - Homes for Special Care, Nova Scotia 
Hospitals - 1858-1871, The Nova Scotia Hospital Admission Registers, Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia
Immigration and Settlers:
Immigration - 1750 - Halifax Victualling List, Nova Scotia
Settlers - 1761-1777, Yarmouth Pioneers, Nova Scotia
Settlers - 1809, Some Scot Settlers, Antigonish, Nova Scotia
Settlers - 1809, Scots Near Pictou, Nova Scotia
Places and Names:
Places - Place Name Changes, Nova Scotia
Surnames - Index of Names, Annapolis County, Nova Scotia - Calnek
Surnames - Index of Surnames to Three Books by John Victor Duncanson, Hants County, Nova Scotia
Surnames - Strays, Nova Scotia
Surnames - Surname Research
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Annapolis & Digby Marriage Records
compiled and contributed by
Wayne W. Walker
Ottawa, Ontario

6 July 2007

The title of this set of files, "Annapolis and Digby Marriage Records" might better read: "Information associated with the marriages of Annapolis and Digby County families" as the records cover much more than just marriages performed within the boundaries of Annapolis and Digby Counties. These records include marriages which occurred outside of these limits which pertain to families of interest. Marriage references derived from birth records have been included as well as some illegitimate birth records which may be of interest. My design was to establish a baseline upon which a more comprehensive collection of records could be built. As I come across, or am sent, additional information, additional files will be created, where, if required, cross references will be made to the baseline files.

This project was undertaken because my experience showed that in many cases what was eventually recorded in the main register in Halifax bore only a close resemblance to the actually data recorded in the original documents. The "official" Annapolis County and Digby County Marriage Registers, now available on-line from Nova Scotia Archives and Records Management (NSARM), do not tell the whole story. A review of the marriage bonds, marriage certificates, marriage slips, affidavits, etc., showed that much useful family history data was omitted or recorded erroneously or was incomplete in the registers. For example, the maiden names of widows getting remarried was always omitted in the registers but usually available in the documents generated during the marriage process. The maiden names of mothers was also omitted even though it to may have been available. It took six years but I've gone through the many reels of microfilms looking at the original documentation and comparing the information to the Registers. You will note the additions for each entry, if of significance.

Some records detail couples where I did not come up with a specific marriage date. This will be evident for many of the Acadian records contained in the collection. Church registration was more of a concern for these families than civil registration.
This Vital Records directory contains my holding of Annapolis County and Digby County related marriages from 1750 to 1908. At present there are about 20,000 entries.

Volume 1: 1750 - 1800 (704 entries)
Volume 2: 1801 - 1820 (1159 entries)
Volume 3: 1821 - 1840 (1934 entries)
Volume 4: 1841 - 1855 (2274 entries)
Volume 5: 1856 - 1860 (1232 entries)
Volume 6: 1861 - 1865 (1604 entries)
Volume 7: 1866 - 1869 (1442 entries)
Volume 8: 1870 - 1873 (1498 entries)
Volume 9: 1874 - 1877 (1175 entries)
Volume 10: 1878 - 1882 (1276 entries)
Volume 11: 1883 - 1889 (1525 entries)
Volume 12: 1890 - 1896 (1628 entries)
Volume 13: 1897 - 1903 (1330 entries)
Volume 14: 1904 - 1908 (1187 entries)
A note: There are some baptisms for Roman Catholic children of couples for whom no marriage record is likely to be found. Early Roman Catholic for the Annapolis are to be found in the parish registers of Mount Carmel Parish in Prospect, Halifax County. I have extracted the early baptismal records which might be of interest to Annapolis County researchers even though no marriage records could be found.
  1. The official government marriage record process started in 1864 consisted of:
  2. Groom completed marriage bond or affidavit.
  3. The minister is issued a licence which is completed when ceremony is performed.
  4. The minister completes a marriage slip giving particulars of the parties.
  5. These documents then go to the local deputy registrar who completes a quarterly return which is then sent to Halifax.
  6. A underpaid and overworked clerk in Halifax takes the quarterly return and enters it into the main register.
  7. In 2006 underpaid and overworked students compiles an index for the on-line project. 

This collection, which may grow over the next few years, currently contains the records from:

  1. Annapolis County Marriage Register, 1864-1908, 1 reel of microfilm
  2. Digby County Marriage Register, 1864-1908, 2 reels of microfilm
  3. Annapolis County Marriage Bonds and Licences, 1864-1908, 41 reels of microfilm
  4. Digby County Marriage Bonds and Licences, 1864-1908, 18 reels of microfilm
  5. Granville, Anglican Parish of All Saints Marriages
  6. Clementsport, Anglican, Parish of St. Edwards Marriages
  7. Annapolis County Birth Registrations, 1864-1876 (for the marriage data), 3 reels of film
  8. Digby County Birth Registrations, 1864-1876 (for the marriage data), 2 reels of microfilm
  9. Annapolis County Quarterly Registration Office Returns, 1864-1876
  10. Annapolis County and Digby County Bonds, pre-1864
  11. Nova Scotia Marriage Bonds, pre-1864, 17 reels of microfilm
  12. Granville Township Book, both versions
  13. Annapolis, Anglican Parish of St. Luke's Marriages
  14. Annapolis Township Book
  15. Annapolis, Methodist, Parish of St. George and St. Andrew's Marriage
  16. Bridgetown and Annapolis County Circuit, Methodist, early marriage records, to 1897
  17. Wilmot Township Book
  18. Wilmot Trinity Parish, Anglican, Parish Registers
  19. Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Roman Catholic, Prospect, Halifax County, Parish Register; A Register of Baptisms, Marriages and Interments for Prospect, Ketch Harbour, Herring Cove, Sherbrook and Dalhousie Settlement, Liverpool, Chester
  20. Bridgetown, St. James Anglican Parish Register, Marriages 1854 - 1908
  21. The Genealogies of The Chute Family in America (1894), by Wm. E. Chute
  22. History of the Descendants of John Whitman of Weymouth, Mass. (1889) by C.H. Farnam
  23. Items from several New Brunswick Newspapers
  24. The Eaton Genealogy
  25. The Christian Messenger (and a few other Nova Scotia papers)
  26. Aylesford Methodist Circuit Register
  27. Aylesford, Anglican, Parish of St. Mary's Marriages
  28. Digby, Anglican, Trinity Parish Marriages: Library and Archives Canada film C-2217, a typed version, goes up to 1834, used for the extraction project and all entries up to 1834 were added to the International Genealogical Index (Family History Library film 1376194). NS Archives and Records Management (NSARM) has microfilms of the parish's marriages up to 1947 (films 11337 and 11338) There were two filmings, 1968 and 1989, both appear to include the same material. Marriage records to 1908 have been included in this project. Note the period from Jul 1839 to Aug 1841 is missing from all filmings, as the paging appears normal, probably their were no marriages conducted in the parish for that period.
  29. Daybook of Rev. William B. HALL, Baptist Minister, contains numerous marriage records for Annapolis and Digby Counties. As a Baptist minister, Rev. HALL served in many parts of Nova Scotia, ranging through Annapolis, Digby, Kings, Halifax and other counties. I have noted the records from Annapolis and Digby Counties, covering the period 1864 to 1885, in this vital records collection. His daybook is available at NSARM on microfilm #10274.

Nova Scotia Census Records
Original Files Compiled and Edited by Robert Kim Stevens
Web Presentation by GANS
  • 1817 Nova Scotia
  • 1827 Nova Scotia
  • 1838 Nova Scotia (Mainland) Counties:
    • Annapolis
    • Antigonish
    • Colchester
    • Cumberland (Parrsboro)
    • Digby
    • Guysborough
    • Halifax Part 1: ABBOTT—FRASER
    • Halifax Part 2: FREDERICK—MORRIS
    • Halifax Part 3: MORRISEY—ZONG
    • Hants
    • Kings
    • Lunenburg
    • Pictou Part 1: ADAMS—MCDOUGALL
    • Pictou Part 2: MCEWEN—YOUNG
    • Queens
    • Shelburne
    • Yarmouth
    • Comprehensive NS Index Part 1:
      ABBOTT—LYONS  LARGE FILE (12,493 records)
      can take up to a minute to load
    • Comprehensive NS Index Part 2:
      MACK—ZWICKER  LARGE FILE (11,561 records)
      can take up to a minute to load
  • 1851 Halifax County

Nova Scotia Church Records
  • Antigonish County
  • St. Ninian's Baptisms (1833-1905)
  • Cumberland County
  • Amherst Baptist Marriages
  • Guysborough County
  • Sonora (Guys. Co.) Baptist Church: Marriages by Rev. Henry Eagles
  • St. Mary's (Guys. County): Presbyterian Marriages (1838-1864, by Rev. John Campbell)
  • Halifax County
  • Christ Church Dartmouth (Anglican) Baptisms
  • Christ Church Dartmouth (Anglican) Marriages
  • Christ Church Dartmouth (Anglican) Burials
  • Halifax: Baptist Church (North) Marriages (1866-1873)
  • Porters Lake: Presbyterian Marriages 1856-1881
  • Sheet Harbour and Area: Presbyterian Marriages (1813-1887)
  • St. James, Port Dufferin Baptisms (1847-1909)
  • Our Lady of Mount Carmel (Prospect): Roman Catholic Baptisms (1823-1870)
  • Our Lady of Mount Carmel (Prospect): Roman Catholic Marriages (1823-1877)
  • St. Mary's Basilica(Halifax): Roman Catholic Marriages (1830-1877)
  • St. Peter's (Dartmouth): Roman Catholic Baptisms (1830-1854)
  • St. Peter's (Halifax): Roman Catholic Baptisms (1821-1829)
  • Kings County
  • St. Mary's Auburn: Anglican Baptisms (1817-1861)
  • Lunenburg County
  • Bridgewater Baptist: Marriages by Rev. Stephen March
  • Chester Baptist: Marriages
  • Chester Congregationalist: Baptisms
  • Chester Congregationalist: Marriages
  • Shelburne County
  • Shelburne-Barringon: Methodist Circuit Baptims (1790-1806)

Nova Scotia Estate Records
  • Annapolis County Probate Records Abstracts
  • Digby County Probate Abstracts - Intro & Name Index
  • Digby County Probate Abstracts - Intro & Probate Records Abstracts
Nova Scotia Township Records
Colchester County      
    Londonderry: Births Marriages Deaths
    Onslow: Births Marriages Deaths
    Truro: Births Marriages Deaths
Cumberland County      
    Parrsboro:   Marriages  
    River Philip: Births Marriages Deaths
    Southampton: Births Marriages Deaths
    Westchester: Births Marriages Deaths
Hants County      
    Newport: Births Marriages Deaths
Kings County      
    Cornwallis:   Marriages  

Township Books in Narrative Format

Guysborough County    
    St. Mary's River Township Book    
Lunenburg County    
    Chester Township Book    
Queens County    
    Liverpool Township Book

Nova Scotia School Records
Some nineteenth century school records (class lists):
Annapolis County
   Granville, Clements and Wilmot Townships, 1821
Antigonish County
   Antigonish County, 1821, 1827
Colchester County
   Colchester County, 1821
   Colchester County, 1828 now includes 45 class lists
Cumberland County
   Cumberland County, 1814, 1821, 1822
Digby County
   Digby County, 1828
Guysborough County
   Guysborough County, 1826, 1827, 1829, 1831
Hants County
   District 6 (Kennetcook), 1828
   District 17 (Gore), 1828
Kings County
   Cornwallis, 1822
Cape Breton
   Cape Breton Grammar School (Sydney) return to 16 Jan 1826
   Cape Breton School Records - 1829 (various districts)
   Cape Breton School Records - 1830 (various districts)
   Cape Breton School Records - 1831 (various districts)

Scanned files in Members Only Area - early issues of the NSG
  •  Nova Scotia Genealogist Vol. 1, No. 1. Spring, 1983. The Table of Contents includes items on two Family Bibles (Curry and Sponagle), an article on Discovery of a Ship's Passenger List, and much more (41 pages altogether).
  • Nova Scotia Genealogist Vol. 1, No. 2. Summer, 1983. The Table of Contents includes items on three Family Bibles (Fullerton, Brown, and Hergett), six articles on Sources For Research, and more (46 pages altogether).
  • Nova Scotia Genealogist Vol. 1, No. 3. Fall, 1983. The Table of Contents includes items on a Watt Family Bible, three articles on Sources For Research (Old Settlers and Loyalist; Unlikely Census for Shelburne; Disbanded Soldiers in Dalhousie, Ann. Co. 1820), and more (46 pages altogether).
  • Nova Scotia Genealogist Vol. 2, No. 1. Spring, 1984. The Table of Contents includes items on the Healy Family Bible, the Davies Family Bible, three articles on Sources For Research (Distribution of Nova Scotians in the United States in 1870; Victoria County Ferrymen; Cemetery Survey of an old graveyard in Arichat), and more (60 pages altogether). The lack of text search capability in these scanned issues of early NSGs is partially compensated for by an extensive Name Index at the end of this issue, covering all of Volume 1.
  • Nova Scotia Genealogist Vol. 2, No. 2. Summer, 1984. The Editor's Note describes the process of certification as a Genealogical Record Searcher by the Genealogical Institute of the Maritimes. The Table of Contents includes items on the Willett Family Bible, the West-McNayr Family Bible, articles on Sources For Research (PANS Collection of Cumberland Co. School Papers, Scots Settlers to Long Point (1816)), Using Griffith's Valuation on Microfiche, and more (57 pages altogether).
  • Nova Scotia Genealogist Vol. 2, No. 3. Fall, 1984. The Table of Contents includes items on the Wier (Newport) Family Bible, the Marshall (Tatamagouche) Family Bible, the Chipman (Yarmouth) Family Bible, an article on exercising caution with Secondary Sources For Research in Yarmouth County, additional articles on Sources For Research (Addenda to Published Records of St. Paul's, 1749-1768 and Cumberland Co. School Papers (1831), and more (50 pages altogether).
  • Nova Scotia Genealogist Vol. 3, No. 1. Spring, 1985. The Table of Contents includes items on the Finley (Wallace River) Family Bible, the Thom (Glasgow) Family Bible, an article by Clary Croft on Textile Conservation, an article by Leona Cousins on Our Huguenot Heritage; Sources for Research articles on NS Vital Records from Newspapers, Passenger List of Sutherlandshire Settlers, Guysborough Petitions of the 1820s, NS Strays, Old Musquodoboit Cemetery; a Name Index for the complete Volume 2 (1984), and more.
  • Nova Scotia Genealogist Vol. 3, No. 2. Summer, 1985. The Table of Contents includes items on Cape Breton Marriages; Nova Scotia's Montbéliard Family Names; Digby School Records from 1828; Scots to Nova Scotia in 1817 — Perhaps on the "William Tell"; NS Strays; queries, and more.
  • Nova Scotia Genealogist Vol. 3, No. 3. Fall, 1985. The Table of Contents includes items on the Morris (Advocate Harbour) Family Bible, a Nickerson (Sambro) Family Bible; articles on Nova Scotians in the US Civil War; "Germans in the North Suburbs", Halifax, ca 1757; School Records for Digby, 1845; queries, and more.