Dartmouth Hopkins Map Project:
In 1878, G. M. Hopkins and Company published the the "City Atlas of Halifax" and the "Map of the Town of Dartmouth".  Located in Philadelphia, the firm was led by two brothers, Henry Hopkins, who led the fieldwork, and his brother, Griffith Hopkins, who led the publishing.  Henry was a land surveyor and civil engineer, and the company had become a specialist in plat maps (plat, variant of plot), "a cadastral map drawn to scale, showing the divisions of a piece of land". Pittsburgh was among the most famous of their projects, with an initial set of maps in 1872, followed by 46 other volumes through to 1940.  The Hopkins' City Atlas is among their most beautiful set of maps with soft colours marking the buildings and good detail on their property boundaries.
The "Map of the Town of Dartmouth" is not as rich, but still provides lots of detail.  GANS is the owner of one of the Dartmouth maps, which seem to be few and far between.  It is pretty degraded, with considerable flaking, but almost all of the "parts" are there.  It is presently with a document conservator, being repaired and preserved.  We are grateful to the Halifax Regional Municipality for assisting with the financing of this conservation work. We plan to print copies of a digitally restored map, and make them available for sale.  The content of the map itself, though, has information about property ownerships and parcel boundaries, and will be invaluable in matching genealogical records to property information.  This is part of widespread efforts now to add geographical context to other historical information, improving our understanding of the past.