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The Genealogical Association of Nova Scotia was formed on June 19, 1982 and had its genesis in a standing genealogical committee of The Royal Nova Scotia Historical Society (founded in 1878).

The by-laws conform to the Societies Act administered by the Registrar of Joint Stock Companies for the Province of Nova Scotia.

Membership in the Association stands at over 600, approximately one third of whom live in Nova Scotia, one third in the rest of Canada and one third in the United States.

The Association is a member of the Royal Nova Scotia Historical Society and Heritage Trust of Nova Scotia.

The Association exchanges publications with many other societies and libraries. Electronic publications are available in the Members' Only Area and paper copies are available in the Terry Punch Research Library.


Operating Year: January - December 2023

Board of Directors
President: Tim Douglas Gay
Secretary: Janice Fralic-Brown
Treasurer: Vacant
Director: Vacant
Director: Joseph Ballard
Director: Wanda Evans
Director: Barbara Ann Borden
Director: Greg Aylward
Director: Nancy Bowie
Director: Ms. Tracey Susan DeAdder
Director: Pamela Wile