Beginner Genealogy Workshop - 2023    Writing Workshop - 2023       Property Online Workshop - 2023
Hands-on Workshops
We typically run one or two workshops every year.  These are hands-on events, where the participants get instruction on how-to-do some particular thing, and then practice the procedures with one-on-one support to learn it themselves.  In our case, the workshops we organize usually involve some work on computers, although other library materials may be involved. 
In 2023, we held a "Beginner Genealogy Workshop",  a "Writing Workshop", and a "Property Online Workshop".  This year, we are planning an "Obituary Writing Workshop" in June, a "Beginners Genealogy" Workshop in August, and an "Image-Editing Workshop", in November.
The Workshops are held in our Research Library, and can typically handle 10-20 participants depending on the kind of one-on-one support which is needed.  We do not video-record the Workshops as the central aim is hands-on learning, and this is not something we can adequately support with distance-learning.
The Workshops are open to anyone.  However, there is a fee for the workshops, and it is structured so that the registration fee for members is at a discount from the non-member price.
There is always a limit on the number of registrants whom we can work with, and it is always an in-person affair.  Lots of fun, a great chance to meet other people with similar interests, and learn new skills.  The Workshops typically run for about three hours, with an additional refreshment break.
Keep your eyes peeled for the next one.