The GANS Newsletter: "The Living Connection"
GANS publishes a Bi-Monthly newsletter which currently comes out about the middle of the first month in the pair. This gives us six issues per year, and the present schedule has them being published  in Jan/Feb, Mar/Apr, May/Jun, Jul/Aug, Sep/Oct, Nov/Dec.
In the last couple of years, it has turned into one of the leading channels in Nova Scotia for getting heritage news and keeping up-to-date.  Its length typically runs more than a dozen pages, with regular columns and features, including a genealogical analysis of the front cover photograph, calendar events, notes and observations, our monthly lectures and workshops, a society spotlight on heritage organizations around the province, and bits and bites about compelling heritage projects.
The Newsletter is now free to members and the public, including all of the back issues.  The newsletter, called "The Living Connection" was started in September, 2015 as Vol. 1, No. 1.  Prior to this, our news items had been part of the "The Nova Scotia Genealogist", but it was decided to split off the news from the research, and have two publications.  The intention was to make the newsletter a monthly item, keeping people up-to-date with news and events.  While we usually have new events and activities most months, we have other channels for breaking news - email, facebook, website.  More importantly, the job of getting the newsletter out each month meant that we couldn't do a really exceptional job on any issue. As a result, there was a decision taken with the Nov/Dec 2022 issue to move to a bi-monthly schedule. 
Find the current issue, and all of the back issues at this Newsletters NOW link.
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